Mondrain is the new Food Display System by Enofrigo, a world reference player in the manufacture of technical elements for displaying and presenting drinks and the most diversified gastronomic offerings.

Always attentive to new trends, our company has conceived a new way to display food. A flexible smart concept, modular and aesthetically integrated.

A system where the displayed product becomes the generating element of the location’s design. Not a plain refrigerated unit fitted in a room, but a programme that adapts to the diversified, complex and ever changing requirements of the food sector, that constantly has to attract the clientele, sell the products on offer in larger and better numbers, if possible directing consumers.

Modularity, Variety & Composability

The watchwords for adapting to the requirements of both customers and designers. Catering is changing rapidly and the modern display requirements demand ever increasing levels of flexibility and customisation.

Unique Requests

Personal and unique requests require answers to be equally personal and unique. The system’s basic modules (together with the different finishings) can be assembled relatively freely satisfying functional and aesthetic requirements in a highly customised manner aimed at meeting specific demands.

Innovative Frame Design

A door with an extremely innovative frame design. Minimalist, with a considerable thickness, it creates a particular light and shade effect highlighting the displayed food. An elegant recessed handle provides and excellent grip and avoids annoying protrusions towards the user.

Optional Humidity Control

The refrigeration is ventilated, with optional humidity control. To avoid heat and noise in the area where they are installed all combinations are preset for remote motors. But it is also possible to have an on-board motor, housed in a technical compartment dimensioned to be perfectly compatible and in-line with the refrigerating elements. The ideal solution both to meet the requirements of pre-existing and new locations, where, according to the request, the technical compartment is fitted alongside the refrigerated modules or hidden from sight.

Technical Modules

Three refrigerated modules together with three technical modules are the fundamental elements of the system. These are completed by a series of neutral open modules, with hinged doors or fitted with drawers so as to satisfy requirements for a customised composition from all points of view, both technical and functional.

Wall Mounted or Island

Wall-mounted or walk-around island, free-standing or hanging, the Mondrain modules can compose and organise the area in several ways, focalising all the attention on the displayed products.They can be fitted above or below the counter, inserted in complex modules, placed one above the other or side-by-side. Minimalist and contemporary designs providing a new and innovative offering to the public.

Horizontal Module Door

The door of the horizontal module opens upwards – an absolute novelty in the sector – and allows to free the area in front of the composition from bulky hinged doors. The finishing extends both to the exterior and interior of the modules creating a perceptive continuity that is not interrupted by technical elements. Led illumination, glass shelves and thermostat perfectly integrated in the design, enhance the functionality and make Mondrain an aesthetically flawless system.