The California Line represents our research and goal to continuously improve our products. This range stands out for its extremely low sound intensity, therefore creating more comfortable surroundings for restaurant clientele.

The models within this range, which have been designed for the display and sale of red wine, rosé, white wine and brut, offer the best possible solution for serving wine at its ideal temperature.

The doorframe and grill are made from solid wood. The insulating double glazing glass panels are low emissions.

The refrigeration includes an aluminium plate ‘roll bond’ evaporator. The ventilated models are complete with an internal fan for setting a single temperature within the chamber.

Digital controls, complete with a thermometer/thermostat, maintain the correct setting and reading of the chamber temperature.

The base features adjustable support legs.

Strong Structure

The structure of the California Silent Line is complete with insulated laminated panels, a solid wood door frame with glass bay, door lock and internal lighting.

Custom Internal Layout

Bottles can be placed on an incline with metal tubes, vertically with tempered glass shelves or horizontally with a bottle rack, according to individual preferences.


The static refrigeration product’s versions provide four different temperature zones in one unit. Both red and white wines can be maintained at the most suitable temperature.

The fan assisted refrigeration versions (VT), allows to choose the favourite internal uniform temperature set.


Noise level: 41.4 dB(A).